See Why Avatar Stresses World Lessons over Word Lessons

Generally speaking, lessons affect you in some way: You get smarter, or faster, happier, or more skillful. A world lesson impacts you physically with effort and motion, triggers emotional reactions, and then, as you work it through, or think it over later, it affects you intellectually. A world lesson is something that you live through and sort out. You remember it, because it makes sense within the context of your life. You have confidence in it, because it is rooted in your own experience. It becomes an element in your future decisions. It changes attitude and behavior.

Designing Your Own Reality with Avatar

Given enough time, everyone will become aware that what they believe has a direct consequence on their lives. Unfortunately, most children do not get this discovery time and are bombarded from an early age by what they should believe. The result is that what they sometimes say they believe (their indoctrination) obscures what they truly believe.

What you believe and how you believe determine your reality. To make something real you must believe in it. For it to be real to others, they must believe in it.

Can Avatar® Help Me With My Relationships?


For most people relationships begin when they create mental impressions of each other. Without these mental impressions, they might not recognize each other.

Your mental impressions of other people are strongly colored by your own preferences, assumptions, and past. You take a sampling observation of the other, colored by the moment and event, add your conclusions, and then pull a costume from your closet and hang it on them. Read more...

What is the Avatar®Course?

The Avatar course is a self-development program for the improvement and management of life situations. There is no prerequisite for attending the Avatar Course except a willingness to explore one’s own beliefs. The course is presented by Avatar Masters licensed by Star’s Edge International, the corporate headquarters of Avatar. There are over 100,000 graduates from 71 countries and six continents and the course is translated into 20 languages. Learn more...

Are you Ready to Escape from Your Mind Trap?

The connection between belief and experience is not always obvious. Most minds are bombarded from an early age by what they should believe. Many of these suggestions are dutifully recorded by the mind and re-broadcast as beliefs as circumstances warrant. Learn more...

3 Questions to Ask when Starting a Self Discovery Course

One of the inner mysteries revealed in the quiet mind of the Avatar state is that there is a gentle urging or intention underlying the unfolding of life. It is like a divine cosmic order that quietly, compassionately whispers the perfect suggestions to you at exactly the right time. In the here and now moments free of mind, new priorities unfold. Discover the questions to ask as you explore the path of self-honesty.

Will the Avatar Courses Work for Me?

Most of the people who sign up with an Avatar Master have the immediate goal of improving their lives. Friendly intercourse and intellectual curiosity may be important factors in their decision, but the strongest factor is usually, "Will it work for me?"

What are Compassion Cards and How do They Help?

 “Wouldn’t it be wonderful to feel the compassion index of the planet move up a few points?” –Harry Palmer

The Compassion Project was launched on Thursday, October 22, 2009 with the 1,500 attendees of the Avatar Professional Course in Orlando, Florida. Harry Palmer, president of Star's Edge International, outlined a simple plan to improve the conditions of the world saying, "Let's increase the amount of compassion on the planet by placing one million Compassion Cards into the hands of strangers.

What can I expect from The Avatar Course?

The Avatar Course opens a window to the inner workings of your own consciousness and is made up of three sections. The goal of the three-section course is to guide you in an exploration of your own belief system and to equip you with the tools to modify things that you wish to change.

Experience Avatar with Free Mini-Courses

Avatar® Mini-Courses are free downloads from Star's Edge International and a wonderful way to experience the feeling of empowerment that Avatar tools can bring. They are available at no charge and include experiential exercises for your independent study.