“I came to Avatar for personal growth, and knew Beth was the right Avatar Master for me after she worked with my wife. Beth is nothing but caring, thorough and committed each of her student’s development. Through Avatar, I have increased mental focus, less anxiety, and better inter-personal relationships at work and with family. It makes my life better in every way.”
N. Palmer56, Symphony Conductor
“Avatar is by far the most powerful exploration of consciousness I have ever experienced. It is profound in my life because the course gave me tools so I experience my life exactly the way that I want to experience it. It’s as if my life plays out the way I create it to be. My husband and I use the tools for major things in our lives but also for life’s minor hiccoughs. If one of us is feeling out of sorts, we’ll use the material so life feels like it is flowing again. Avatar makes me feel powerful. The Avatar support staff is incredible in their capacity to assist people through the course. After I had done the first course, my brother noticed the deepness of the material from what I told him about my experience and he decided to do the course also. My brother had experienced a tragedy when he was a boy that seemed to define him as an adult. I thought that if he decided to take on the issue during the course that it would be a tough time for him. Beth Edwards, who was assisting my brother, was there to help and when the subject came up that had so unfortunately defined much of my brother’s teen years and adulthood, the grip of the event transformed effortlessly. It was like a miracle. Thank you, Beth, for your support, professionalism, wisdom and compassion. I can go on and on about what an incredible person Beth is and the great work she does. Anyone who gets a chance to work with her on course is blessed. Avatar surpasses any practice of consciousness I’ve ever experienced. I love it!”
P. Strum45, Holistic Health Practitioner