Experience Avatar with Free Mini-Courses

Avatar® Mini-Courses are a wonderful way to experience the feeling of empowerment that Avatar tools can bring. Available as free downloads from Star's Edge International, the courses are also used as teaching modules in the beginning stages of working with an Avatar Master, who brings a different perspective to the course. Please let me know if you are interested in learning more. The two courses I recommend to start with are:

Avatar® Mini-Course: Compassion - The Forgiveness Option

Making decisions is the essence of personal responsibility; it can feel like freedom or weigh you down with guilt, sadness, or anger. One of the toughest decisions that an intelligent creature ever has to make is the decision to forgive.

This Avatar mini-courses explores the consequences and the process of forgiveness to result in freedom from guilt, sadness or anger.  You can also expect improved well-being and a freeing of creative energy.

Download the free course here: http://www.avatarepc.com/html/Pillar5-Forgiveness-Eng.pdf 

Avatar® Mini-Course: Insight - Belief Management

Things that we say are true about one level of existence may not be true at another level of existence. Things that we view as true from one perspective may not be true from another perspective. Most disagreements and conflicts, particularly in religion, philosophy, and psychology, are due not so much to what is viewed as to a mismatch of viewing levels or perspectives.

Beliefs can be very powerful. Beliefs have a greater effect on a person’s success, or failure, than any technique or opportunity. Beliefs determine how you will experience life. They can be assistive or they can be impeding.

This mini-course explores the relationship between your beliefs and your experiences. Expected results include restructuring of personal reality and an increase in personal responsibility.

Download the free course here: http://www.avatarepc.com/html/Pillar2-Belief-Eng.pdf

As you download the courses, prepare to experience your creation of consciousness and the physical universe in all its wonder.

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