Will the Avatar Courses Work for Me?

Most of the people who sign up with an Avatar Master have the immediate goal of improving their lives. Friendly intercourse and intellectual curiosity may be important factors in their decision, but the strongest factor is usually, "Will it work for me?"

You want to be happier. You might feel that there is something keeping you from happiness. The "something" may be specific in your mind, or more likely it is something vague and indiscernible, some stress or invisible pressure. These are often the things that you mistakenly believe that you must learn to live with. These barriers to true happiness are tucked away in your mind, carefully avoided, but their destructive effect on your life keeps showing up. So the immediate question in many minds is, "Will Avatar work for me?"

The real answer to this question depends on how your respond to these questions:

  • How honest with yourself are you willing to become?
  • How vulnerable will you let yourself become?

The reason these are asked is that the real causes of your unhappiness, whatever they may be, and the causes of your failures, whatever they may be, are buried beneath blankets of your own resistance. And while an Avatar Master can guide you and create a safe, compassionate space, in the end it is your willingness to be vulnerable that dissolves the blankets of resistance.

As long as you are willing to go down the path that leads to greater honesty with yourself, the Avatar tools will work for you. - Avatar Practical and Mystical by Harry Palmer

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