Can Avatar® Help Me With My Relationships?


For most people relationships begin when they create mental impressions of each other. Without these mental impressions, they might not recognize each other.

Your mental impressions of other people are strongly colored by your own preferences, assumptions, and past. You take a sampling observation of the other, colored by the moment and event, add your conclusions, and then pull a costume from your closet and hang it on them.

Will you be this costume for me?

Sure, if you will be this costume for me.

Fred and Ginger, James and Moneypenny, or mom and dad, dance off together.

The primary relationship is between you and your costume. These costumes are like adult dolls that you play with, fight with, and share your lives with. As long as the person assigned to the costume does not interrupt your game with actions out of character, things will go pretty much as you expect.

To go beyond your fantasy costume relationships, you must drop all of your mental representations of the other and meet them as a stranger/ undefined being. This happens naturally on Section III of the Avatar Course. Relationships are renewed on a more honest level.

By the way, you can also drop the mental representation you have of yourself and experience a liberating freedom.

 - excerpt from Issue 15 of The Avatar Times