3 Questions to Ask when Starting a Self Discovery Course

One of the inner mysteries revealed in the quiet mind of the Avatar state is that there is a gentle urging or intention underlying the unfolding of life. It is like a divine cosmic order that quietly, compassionately whispers the perfect suggestions to you at exactly the right time. But it does not impose its will; it is not insistent; it does not command. In all likelihood it has not been heard, or if it was it was ignored.

Very few people understand this universal inner Tao. For most it has been lost in the din of thoughts. Many people have intuitive flashes, but even these flashes come with strong doubts. So beyond material success and happiness, in the here and now moments free of mind, new priorities unfold.

  • What is really important?
  • Which of my actions are of consequence and which actions are trivial?
  • Why am I so concerned with impermanent things?

These are questions found along the path of self-honesty. They do not merely elicit answers; they create moments of sudden intuitive understanding-epiphanies.

The experience of a transcendent moment and a realization of your own connection to source are mystical but unquestionably real experiences of your Avatar training. If you've got the courage to try it, you're in for a wonderful trip. - Avatar Practical and Mystical by Harry Palmer

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